Birds in mythology

The less I eat birds, and the more I look at them, I expansively experience flashes of supernatural realms lying beyond ordinary human experience, assuming, of course, that any of it is indeed ordinary. Like learning how to play the violin, I imagine that at this rate of discipline and persistence I should be able […]

A cat whisperer

I am a cat whisperer. It is a skill I picked up at nineteen, when I was stationed in an sentry post upon the green line, in Nicosia, Cyprus. The sentry post was shared with a silversmith, a small, strange man with eastern roots who melted and coated silver for jewelry, and mantelpiece decorations, and generally […]


To the male french bulldog and then the female pit bull at the pub today who looked at me with so much love, i’d like to ask, why can’t i marry you and not a human? but they can’t respond, and that’s the beauty of animals. They don’t ‘communicate’ like we do, with all these […]

Knee-deep in water-lilies

Garden blackbirds typically find the highest antenna of a London village and perch their proud, musical chests, and warble a mating song with no discernible ab ab verse structure. Its song lingers more in the free verse category, because it consists of a wildness that is incomprehensible to our relatively numbed modern senses. Its song […]

Chickens vs magpies

Magpies have a better chance of continuing to be magpies rather than another type of bird say a chicken looking up at the magpie flying across a cold, low sky. Even its strange sense of envy won’t turn the chicken into a magpie, even one flying across a cold, low sky.

Bird Button

Once upon a time, a phalanx of storks and a pandemonium of parrots met on the edge of nowhere, to discuss trading their obligations to humanity. In the new era, the parrots would deliver the babies and the storks would mimic their walks.

Ode to the European Goldfinch Bird

I WOULD LIKE TO REACH YOU. I WOULD LIKE TO SIT NEXT TO YOU. TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE LISTENING TO ME. WHILE I AM TALKING TO YOU.   As I write these words, I look over at the naked tree opposite my bedroom window, three stories up. Clear as a shock, a single European goldfinch, […]