Island Sunny Island Blessed

in cyprus you plant seeds in your garden and next thing you know you have all manner of vegetables : eggplants courgettes fresh onions herbs :… basil oregano parsley fruit : pomegranates lemons plums supermarkets aren’t fun Advertisements

Lovebirds: A Conversation

Birds fascinate me. Their presence, a mere sighting, strikes such an awe in me I feel I am encountering a saint centuries ‘dead’.  Today I found this parrot next to an identical one in greens, and it sounded like they were in conversation. They made sounds like the shoot button on a video game, but […]

Bird Food

Ah pests. The other night I was lying on a couch in a beautiful room peace and quiet tranquil and elated and the next thing I saw was a cockroach flying above me like the reincarnation of Kafka. I thought to myself my goodness, I could let this cockroach ruin my joy of the whole […]

The dog that is my heart

All I dreamt about in foreign places was my little dog at home. What a gymnast! #betty #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #wearealldogwalkersnow ❤ A post shared by Christos Polydorou (@eatartdaily) on Aug 31, 2017 at 9:35pm PDT As I was walking my little dog betty tonight she was just about to pee (dribble, really) on the […]

The life of fungi

Some of us cannot be birds, or leaves, or even the branches of a beautiful big tree; but life is life, and even us, poisonous fungi at the foot of a tree, deserve to live, as gross looking, weird, and just unpleasant that we look. Life is life. For the outsider, who no matter how […]

Welcome the mockingbirds

Once upon a time I sat in a lecture hall with thirty feminists and I told my feminist teacher that I too am a feminist. Everyone laughed. I’ve been mocked my whole life. Believe me I don’t give a flying fuck / number of fucks given, zero. If I did I wouldn’t be where I […]