Red Bird

Red-capped: like a manakin like a cardinal like a plover: Red-breasted: like a grosbeak like a meadowlark like a vermillion flycatcher: Red-tailed: like a laughing thrush like a black cockatoo like a tropicbird: the one I love soars down from the sky across the glass across my blogs into my heart: Red-winged: like a blackbird […]

The way I write

I wait. I pretend I am interested in other things and I am, but I am one foot out the door, because I want more, I want language to merge the chaos in me and make it a beautiful shape, and so I wait. I wait and suddenly a line creeps into my head. I […]

Saint Cow

There was pleasure wearing leather, but not so holy now our holy cow. Paradoxical are our environmental concerns when it comes to ultimate questions of leisure. Imagine a holy cow allowed to be holy, how radiant it would be, like a saint. There will be closure when we see treasure, not eat it. I believe […]

10,000 birds were perched

Once upon a time, 10,000 birds were perched in the branches of the glorious Troodos pines. Not just birds of a feather, but birds of all sorts of feathers, shapes, colors, and illumination. It was nearly dawn, so they could rest for a little while longer until the sun came up, and the seeds in […]

the holy light

For the two Christmas weeks nightly I lit a large candle brightly and safely so as to bring the holy light into my home and into my heart. I am not sure if it worked or not but I am more joyful. I’d like to carry that lit wick till the end of the year, […]