La Clairvoyance

René Magritte once (1936) painted a painting of himself painting a painting of a bird but using an egg as his point of reference. He called the painting La Clairvoyance, to exemplify the mystical, prescient ability of art to be ahead of its time. Advertisements

monarch butterflies through cyprus

earlier when i was driving at noon a big beautiful monarch butterfly flew out of the trees on the side of the road towards my windshield and two inches away flew up and took off. it took my breath away and somehow made me feel less invisible on planet earth as a whole, although I […]


It is a rupture of the present moment otherwise known as impenetrable: An impossible obstacle A treasure outlined with coal It is wings for your soul: a mole with wings? What beasts night-time brings.

Interlude: She works out too much

Cyprus is literally being pulverised by the heat. Excuse my choice of adverb in the previous sentence, if you would be so kind. The air is thick with an “hourly concentration of respirable particulate matter” which is making it impossible to breathe and London so desirable. The title is drawn from the title of a […]