Wilde Thing

‘True friends stab you in the front.’ Darling readers, I sincerely hope that the image you have in your mind of our dearest part time redeemer Oscar Wilde is not of a flouncing giggling dancing queen who changed outfits faster than he invented aphorisms, but instead a gin-soaked Irish gentleman who was so well read […]

The Doves of Cyprus

The doves of Cyprus startle me with their innocence; forgive me, I have been abroad and everything home seems new to me now, new to me somehow, as though leaving were / is the right thing to do. Today the doves of Cyprus are perched on the top of an apartment building, in some upheaval […]

Lovebirds: A Conversation

Birds fascinate me. Their presence, a mere sighting, strikes such an awe in me I feel I am encountering a saint centuries ‘dead’.  Today I found this parrot next to an identical one in greens, and it sounded like they were in conversation. They made sounds like the shoot button on a video game, but […]

Bird Food

Ah pests. The other night I was lying on a couch in a beautiful room peace and quiet tranquil and elated and the next thing I saw was a cockroach flying above me like the reincarnation of Kafka. I thought to myself my goodness, I could let this cockroach ruin my joy of the whole […]

The dog that is my heart

All I dreamt about in foreign places was my little dog at home. What a gymnast! #betty #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #wearealldogwalkersnow ❤ A post shared by Christos Polydorou (@eatartdaily) on Aug 31, 2017 at 9:35pm PDT As I was walking my little dog betty tonight she was just about to pee (dribble, really) on the […]