Go Fish

My mother said to me on the phone earlier, eat potatoes today. Lol. So I got ready potato salad. It’s so good!
Note on potatoes, not to mention mothers:
As a single man living alone without so much as a cat to fend for, I could go out and buy potatoes and come back and peal them and then chop them and wash them and boil them and bake them and eat them and then scrape the pan or I could just buy ready potato salad.
It really is a no brainer. We exhaust our brains enough with all this art everywhere.
I hope I speak for all of us when I say we have all pealed enough potatoes in our lifetime being a much maligned, quite embittered section of the 99 per cent section.
My beautiful mother, pealing potatoes. Timeless.
You should see her scaling and gutting the fish my father brings from his fishing sprees. It is as if the woman has no spleen.


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