Blackbird and I

20160328_115642.jpgOne sets off, around the world, to find berries, where they grow. We are like wild birds this way. Especially migratory in winter. Though zero degrees in London today, the sky was vivid and bright, and all the birds were flying in such patterns that seemed like they were in ecstasy of sunlight, filling a birding I with awe. I spotted magpies, and sea gulls, and albatrosses, and ravens, and blackbirds, and chaffinches, and sparrows, and a robin, and a teenage duck, flying across the sunset. If you don’t look the date, January will just fly by, and it will be spring again, before we know it.
The blackbird that moved into my garden a week ago is still there.
I am still very much in love with it; in fact, because it has not abandoned me yet, I love it even more, than yesterday, whenever that was.
All days are nights.20160509_123422.jpg

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