What’s for tea, dear?

img_20161220_131545Sweet potatoes for your tea, dear? Today I cut them chip-sized and put them in a bowl, adding salt, pepper, chopped garlic and a good sprinkle of chilli (which rocks my world), and roasted them in the oven. They were so delicious I had to recommend this combination to everyone; the chilli vs the sweetness of the potato was sensational.

Eat art daily, darlings.

I write across two blogs, and I thought I would switch the concepts this afternoon. That is why you’ll get food here, and birds there (eatartdaily.wordpress.com). I did so to exemplify the love my friend Dora had for her budgerigar, which was a love across species – so I went across my blogs.
Thank you for reading. I hope my pieces inspire you to continue writing your own, because writing is like playing the violin.



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