Birdbaths and coffeecups

So the story behind my robin cup is that if I was going to move to a new country I’d have to go native. To my chagrin I have picked up on some curious British deceits. Namely being – deliberately – socially awkward and provocative in conversation, appreciating foxes, and of course birding. As I am a neophyte I am still developing my patience around this; I have gotten myself out of my room into the wilderness, but I cannot stay still. And so I purchased this cup with a red breasted robin which I am presenting with the brio – unlikely –  it instils in me morning to night, as does the Illy in it. It makes me feel I am sipping from a bird or a birdbath. My cup makes me wistful and poetic and puts me in the role to write. 

What helps you write?


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