Cancer (June 20 – July 21)

The recent full moon made you feel both powerful and vulnerable, a duality of feelings that strengthen eachother, an echo of the late June link of Jupiter and Pluto. You had been emasculated by Time’s luminous hands in broad daylight, and no bare-faced lies could have been used to hide behind as is often the nature of the most scuttling of all the zodiac signs. Your transitions are generally abrupt, dear Cancer, but consistent, as patterns of healing, writing, and loving, with arms open wide. You have honed your femininity to a fine gleam, arguably, but your ruggedness? True joy is in the acknowledgement of opposites, in the always virginal balances of the male and the female. Stroke the cat, take the dog out for a walk, recycle all birdcages, after, of course, they have been thoroughly emptied and cleaned. May Luck, the Lady with wings, carry you across the river safely in this transitional time, dear Cancer. With love.


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