I am in line at Lidl on Easter Monday
As a writing exercise
I have decided to do some rhyming
About standing in line at Lidl
and what I can see and perhaps even feel standing here writing
On my phone and perhaps even end up with a sonnet
If language’s helpful bonnet stays on me that long
For the duration of a song or a sonnet

There is of course a screaming baby and a ringing mainland phone for some reason that no one’s answering
Most people look miserable or anxious
And it does not help any of us that there is a young man with his sleeves rolled up over his big muscles
But Lidl is near my house and besides a sonnet can be about anything
Not just love
Anything will come back to love
Because everything comes back to love as the hand eventually comes out of the glove
And the dove comes out of an above Above and below us

The sky is clear
And the sun is shining
And the now is happy

Someone has answered the phone
The baby is also now happy, saying:
La la liar
La la liar
Life you are a liar
A la la la liar

Pou mitsin jje pou ppellon enna akouseis tin alithkeia

From a child or a madman alone will you hear the truth

Italics: Old Greek Cypriot proverb


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