He was a pony when I found him, an exposed beating heart thumping on the grass by a shock of daffodils. The first thing I did when I saw him I started to cry, and I have not stopped crying ever since. He taught me how to be majestic and quick on my leap off a high tower. He led me to the finest woods utterly filled with bluebells, and so much did I love my horse that I took the bluebells and crushed them (like his love crushed me) and wrote his name across the sky:


He was like water to my eternal thirst. He was the one who answered my prayers. He was my comfort and joy. I have fallen sometimes even blissfully into the arms of women and men alike, and some may have even loved me back, but no one took me to the places Lancelotto took me to. He took me to the cliffs overlooking the tip of of the boot of Italy and there he said one thing to me, with a voice as clear as clay, as bright as the day:

You leap into Infinity with your mind, Not your body.

Remember this.


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