Two years ago I left New York. I won’t say it is better in London, because in some aspects it is not, nor that I am happier here, except I am. Much happier. London gave me a lot more chances than New York where I basically lived on the fringes and as such is a fragment of a life in my memory. But I don’t blame the city of New York. I blame the INS.

Besides, it is not technically a fair choice when you have Joan Didion, Gary Shteyngart and Lena Dunham on the one hand, and Nicola Barker, Will Self and Hilary Mantel on the other.

Anyway, we each understand the place we are in to be the best, so comparing and contrasting great cities is a point moot.

I guess I should count myself blessed to be here, at all, anywhere, with my favourite instrument in my hand, myself a theremin for the universe to play with.

I do.


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