“Just like that bluebird”



The title is a quote from the lyrics of Lazarus.

Images taken by me at the National Portrait Gallery.

Unless otherwise stated, all images I post are photographs I have taken, no exceptions.

When David Bowie died I felt like I lost my father. In any way I can I wish to follow his example, because he was and still is and always will be the only artist whose influence will ever matter to me.

We love you, David, said Gary Oldman the other night.

I love you, David, I’ll say, forever, and ever.

I’ll come for you one day, in any way I can, I promise.

But not now. Not now.

So help me, David Bowie. Work with me, spiritually.

Not for the fame.

Not for the makeup.

Not for the money.

But a trail of crumbs, to follow.

In the future.


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