When I look back upon my life, it is never with a sense of shame, I have often been the one to blame, but I am a good guy, and I have managed to get out of blame, and not having The Pet Shop Boys It’s A Sin applicable to me. Yesterday I was the victim of direct homophobia, an open disgust of sodomy by a lady for whom I had the cruellest retort, which I shall not include here. I did not dwell on it, nor did I let it shake me from my truth. I have every right to be here, I have every right to do whatever I bloody well feel like, and honestly I really could not give a hootnnanny for what a lady thinks of the way that I may (or may not, I might be a prude, who knows ☺) have sex. And since when do we openly discuss sex with strangers? Honestly people have no boundaries anymore.

But I do. If it harms me or my masterplan, world domination of good, I will take care of it. I hate, absolutely hate having to fight, but I also hate, absolutely hate, losing, especially when I have right on my side.

There is nothing wrong in knowing who you are, what you are good at. Our existences need not be mired in guilt nor misery to be valid. Joy in living and well being comes when you put your foot down and your roots in the ground and you say

Darling, are you really, really going to go outside wearing that?

NB In an earlier similar photo I asked, Dear Lord, whatever shall become of me? I should have asked, Dear Lord, Whatever shall become of the world if the unique way in which I, or indeed any of us, sees it, is surpressed, unexpressed, drowned, ceased to exist? I was aghast with horror at the thought.


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