Blank Slate

Crack an egg. I do believe as human beings we are capable of excellence, not just distaster.  In order, however, to achieve excellence, you have to figure out how to put into use what you have been taught, by others or by yourself, and also, that if excellence is indeed an aim, it should be an aim across the themes of one’s life, for example if I am excellent at my work I ought to be excellent at house chores, at cooking, at cleaning, in order to achieve an excellent environment within which a soul and a body and a mind can flourish. Who we are becomes one’s environment. If your office is immaculate and your home a dump you really ought to try harder, because you will end up looking like and acting like the garbage we leave to fester in the corners of our homes. Eventually our streets will be cleaner than those in Munich, Germany, apparently the world’s closest in cleanliness to godliness. If we keep the slate clean, the slate blank, we can do whatever we want. Crack an egg but on a plate not the floor.


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