The year of the flying monkey

2015 was a great year for the medium of music, hopefully not to the expense of other mediums, so presumably 2016 will be better. I really enjoyed going back in time with the YouTube tardis this January; I discovered manifestations of energy long forgotten and sealed away from present pleasure, and this needed rectifying. I discovered that my obsession with music, and with the arts, was a lifelong thing, not a fair weathered thing. My commitment to hearing and seeing and falling in love with as much as I could revealed myself to myself as voracious, insatiable, restless, for the ecstasy of life itself. It startled me. TS Eliot wrote that Through the body the body is conquered.


Margaret Atwood writes that unless you experience ecstasy through the body, there will be no other way to experience it. Indulge your senses is perhaps what we can come out with with all of these good, lovely bones. To me this was always the very essence of coming up with eatartdaily as a veritable word. And to keep reinterpreting the mysteries of the world in order to live a deeper and more meaningful life, one that carries across all sorts of things. Hopefully not to the expense of some good sarcastic humour.


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