January 25, 1882

10 Things you may or may not know about Virginia Woolf

10. Edward Albee’s play has nothing to do whatsoever with the writer
9. She never had children
8. The finest biography of her is not by her nephew but by a contemporary of you and me called Hermione Lee
7. She wrote viciously in her diary disparaging people, even famous people, she would meet
6. She did have a lesbian affair with Vita Sackville West
5. She loved her husband Leonard very much
4. Of all the writers of Modernism, a movement in British Literature which she helped define, she is perhaps the most accessible to read
3. The talent of Katherine Mansfield nearly stopped her from writing as did that of Marcel Proust
2. She visited and loved Greece
1. Her book The Years was a bestseller for months in 1937


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