Common crane again and again

As I was going round and round the roundabout there was a single solitary luminous white common crane with that bright yellow beak and I passed by it and for a moment only the car door separated us — Christos Polydorou (@eatartdaily) December 24, 2018

You are what you are

Birds in the blinds Painted birds on the wallpaper Embroidered birds on the throw pillows Digitally printed birds on the sheets on the bed in the bedroom: Birds on the slippers All the birds inched into your shoulder-blades


The phoenix who rises from the ashes is all of us We all live and die and live and die and live and die Many times over in a lifetime Grief is so total Change is so abrupt Sex consumes We die And we rise The phoenix who rises from the ashes is all of […]

Fine feathers make fine birds

Earlier this afternoon my nephew and I drove to the mall of Cyprus but as we were leaving the house there were two ravens eating off the skin of the street Driving closer I saw the two ravens were eating from what remained of a cat, road kill, just a strip of fur It made […]