Swallows curving in fives or tens or fifteens

Of all the hours, my favourite may be the magic hour. Wisps of clouds across the sky, and swallows curving in fives or tens or fifteens around a particularly orange summer setting sun. What a relief my dear, to experience summer is finally here. Watch our cares and our worries disappear, and our obfuscated figures […]

Old World Sparrow

Let me tell you a secret. I am not a writer, really, not at all. I am an artist. Ever since I was a little boy I have been drawing pictures and people love them. This makes me happy because I love them too. My understanding of the world and any confidence in it comes […]


I’ve been observing the Old World sparrows this week I like how there are always at least four as if they are scoring characters in the air so thin you could cut it with a knife ribboning the air or rather Einsteining it.

Once upon a time

In my free time I listen to blackbirds. This is because I spend a lot of my free time on my laptop in my bedroom by the window on the fourth floor and outside my window there is always a blackbird singing, a male, it is the males who sing, and their songs are always […]


The mating call of the male sparrow begins quietly a melodic sweet sounding whisper and swells and fills the air sharply shattering it.


Beautiful birds. I purchase the multi-seed bread with ancient grains now, and every day I cut up a piece in small croutons and leave it out for the birds, and I watch sparrows and goldfinches and doves fly down and pick a piece, and carry it away. I imagine they take it to their chicks […]

A flight of swallows

A group of swallows is known as a flight. One flew over my head just earlier on the hottest day in London yet – a glorious twenty four degrees Celsius – which could only mean one thing: summer has finally arrived.