Cats and snakes

Cyprus is full of stray cats. This time of year is all about screaming cats and cats in heat and psycho cats and you do not want to mess with these cats. Not even Life Is Better With Betty, my dog, deigns. There’s a story that says that when Saint Helena reached Cyprus many centuries […]

Song for Betty / Happy Puppy

If the world itself belongs to those for whom love is second skin then let dogs be our kings and our bitches be our presidents. Happy Puppy. Puppies are happy. Just to go for a walk. Happy Puppies. Happiness is a hundred puppies, climbing on you lying on the floor. Happy Puppy, after a hellish […]

Wilde Thing

‘True friends stab you in the front.’ Darling readers, I sincerely hope that the image you have in your mind of our dearest part time redeemer Oscar Wilde is not of a flouncing giggling dancing queen who changed outfits faster than he invented aphorisms, but instead a gin-soaked Irish gentleman who was so well read […]

The Doves of Cyprus

The doves of Cyprus startle me with their innocence; forgive me, I have been abroad and everything home seems new to me now, new to me somehow, as though leaving were / is the right thing to do. Today the doves of Cyprus are perched on the top of an apartment building, in some upheaval […]