Saint Cow

There was pleasure wearing leather, but not so holy now our holy cow. Paradoxical are our environmental concerns when it comes to ultimate questions of leisure. Imagine a holy cow allowed to be holy, how radiant it would be, like a saint. There will be closure when we see treasure, not eat it. I believe […]

10,000 birds were perched

Once upon a time, 10,000 birds were perched in the branches of the glorious Troodos pines. Not just birds of a feather, but birds of all sorts of feathers, shapes, colors, and illumination. It was nearly dawn, so they could rest for a little while longer until the sun came up, and the seeds in […]

the holy light

For the two Christmas weeks nightly I lit a large candle brightly and safely so as to bring the holy light into my home and into my heart. I am not sure if it worked or not but I am more joyful. I’d like to carry that lit wick till the end of the year, […]

Finsch’s wheatear

little bird perched on my palm suddenly: all i now know is claws and a song from it to me: small murderous part of me, go away, in any form. pluck for it instead from the red Cypriot soil a worm. Mother? Nature. Father and child. pluck for it instead from the red Cypriot soil […]

Cats and snakes

Cyprus is full of stray cats. This time of year is all about screaming cats and cats in heat and psycho cats and you do not want to mess with these cats. Not even Life Is Better With Betty, my dog, deigns. There’s a story that says that when Saint Helena reached Cyprus many centuries […]